Shrowze. Your very own free, human, personal assistant.

Your very own free, human,
personal assistant.

On mobile, online and by text.

You send us a request. We'll take care of it.

We built Shrowze for a very simple reason. We are all very busy and there are so many activities we do in our lives that we could save time on. Think of the amount of time you spend booking a flight, or organising an event, finding childcare or the best place to eat in town.

Send your human personal assistant your tasks on our mobile app, online, or by text. Let them sort it out for you. You focus on the more important things.

"Can you please book a table for 4 people at 8pm on Saturday at Loch Fyne in Reading?"

"I need a plumber to come and fix the boiler urgently. It's not working and there's this strange error on the screen. Can you send one out to me? I'm sending you a picture of the error I'm seeing."

"Hi, I'd like to book flights from London to New York leaving next week for two weeks please. Could you let me know what are the best prices out there?"

"Who are Watford FC playing at home in January and on which dates? Looking for some tickets!"

"Could you find me an automatic driving instructor to come to St Andrews? Budget would be £25 per hour and looking to book 2 hours or more at a time"

"Hi, I need to get a Valentines Day gift for my girlfriend - it's our 2nd anniversary. Do you have any suggestions?"

"I'm looking to change my TV provider - could you please do a comparison between these providers and let me know which one would be best? I would really like to have a kids TV package, and and a movie package as standard."

Ready to assist from 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday.

UK based, globally expert.

When you message us, you're always talking to a real person. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Our team applies our vast expertise when dealing with your every request.

We're people people.

We love nothing more than to save other people time. Whether you're a student, you work in an office, or are a jet setting executive, all your time is equally precious.

That is why we are made up of the very best people who can help you with anything you require. From finding you your dream car, to a gardner for your back yard, to booking you a private jet, we'll take care of it.

Your job is to send us a message. Our job is to take care of it.

How Shrowze works.

1. You sign up for Shrowze.

2. You send us a message via our mobile app, online, or by text with what it is you need us to take care of.

3. You relax, put your feet up, and let us take care of it.

4. We do all the legwork, sort out everything for you and get your requests fulfilled.

5. That's it?

6. No, seriously. That's it.

Speedy. We get back to you within 15 minutes of your request. Guaranteed.

You're always in control. Get in touch when you need us, we go into the background when you don't.

If you wish, for some tasks, you can authorise your human personal assistant to securely make purchases for you on your behalf.

(Coming soon)

No data? Not a problem. Send us a text when you don't have access to the Internet.

Securely send us photos, videos or any kind of document that will help us get your task done.

With Shrowze Reminders, your human personal assistant can set up automated reminders for you following a task if there's anything specific you need remembering on a particular date and time.

(Coming soon)

Trust driven.

End-to-end encryption is built into Shrowze by default. This means that nobody can read any of your conversations between yourself and your personal assistant. Your data is also encrypted both as its being sent (in flight) and also when it is stored (at rest). Your data is stored in secure data centres in the United Kingdom. Shrowze adheres to GDPR standards - you can at any time see what data we store and can also download and export all your information on Shrowze. We ask for your consent before we carry out any action on your behalf, and you can cancel any instruction you give us at any time.

All of our team have had background checks before joining Shrowze - this is mandatory. They have also been trained to handle all of your requests to the highest levels of confidentiality. We never take any more information than is necessary in order to fulfil your request, and if there's anything you're required to pay to a provider to complete your request - we either send you the details to do that yourself, or if you authorise us to, we can make that payment on your behalf (coming soon).

Please read our Privacy Policy detailing the measures we take to protect your data. You always remain in control.

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