Everyone should have a human personal assistant.

Booking holidays, sorting out activities for the kids after school, getting the plumber to fix the bathroom, organising a night out, doing shopping, just think of the amount of time you spend doing these things.

They all have to be done, but are so time consuming, and in many cases so tiring.

That’s why we built Shrowze. We are your very personal, personal assistant that you summon by text. Whatever it is you need doing, whatever it is you need getting from wherever in the world, we can sort out for you.

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    UK Based.

    Made in sunny Oxfordshire. Globally expert.
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    At your service.

    We're ready to assist from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening.
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    The human touch.

    When you text us, you're talking to a real person. We wouldn't have it any other way.
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We know our stuff.

Part of the reason why doing these activities takes so long, is that we often don’t know what we’re looking for. We know how to describe it, but we don’t know where to begin searching. Before we know it, we have 100 tabs open on our browser and still haven’t got very far.

We take that all away from you.

As long as you supply us that description of what you’re looking for, we get to work and will always get you the very best for your needs.

That’s guaranteed.

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    Unparalleled knowledge.

    Our team are made up of the very best - people who can find anything in whatever time span required. So whether you need us to book you a taxi to the train station, find you your new dream home to move into, or even a last minute private jet booking ready to go in the next 24 hours, we can do it.
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    We go the extra mile.

    We love nothing more than seeing truly happy and satisfied customers. We know how difficult it is to juggle all these hundreds of tasks in life and still have time for yourself at the end. We have a simple policy - we do for you what we'd want someone else to do for us. That's it.

How Shrowze works.

1. You sign up for Shrowze.

2. You buy a Shrowze time package of either an hour (or more) on demand, or blocks of 10, 30 or 60 hours so that we can work on your requests. The time you buy is yours forever until you finish it. No recurring monthly payment, no direct debit, nothing.

3. You text us your requests to the free number we give you when you sign up.

4. We do all the legwork, sort out everything for you, get your requests fulfilled.

5. When you’re happy, we simply give you the pre-filled details to the particular company to pay for your items.

That’s it.

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    We get back to you within 15 minutes of any requests you send. Guaranteed.
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    Text based.

    That's right. No app to download, no using of your data, nothing. Whether you have an iPhone, Android Phone, Windows, or a Nokia 3610, you can use Shrowze. Simply sign up, buy time, and you'll be given a number to text us on.
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    You're in control.

    We do all the hard work and sort out everything for you. All you have to do is pay the company for your goods or services if you're happy.
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Stellar quality, at an affordable price.

From saving you time on an occasional basis, to more regular use, we have a plan for everyone.


Students get an extra 50% off all of packages below, just sign up with your university email address!


Remember, your hours are yours forever until you finish it!

On Demand
  • On Demand time at £24.99 p/h.
  • Yours forever until you finish it.
Starter Pack.
  • 10 hours of Shrowze Time at £22.99 per hour.
  • Yours forever until you finish it.
Medium Helper.
  • 30 hours of Shrowze Time at £20.99 per hour.
  • Yours forever until you finish it.
Heavy Duty.
  • 60 hours of Shrowze Time at £18.99 per hour.
  • Yours forever until you finish it.
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Fully transparent, powerfully secure.

We take your privacy and security extremely seriously. That is why we don’t personally handle any of your payment information. This is handled securely using bank grade encryption by Stripe, our payment processor.

When we finish handling your requests (whether it’s getting your electrician to look at the house, planning your party, booking your flights, etc), if there’s anything to pay to the company, we ask them to contact you directly or we send you the direct link to pay. We don’t handle any of that ourselves, leaving you fully in control and your details known only to you.

Every conversation you have with Shrowze is saved and you can access all conversation transcripts and completed task details securely in your account area online.

You always remain in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, we are only dealing with UK based customers. This means that you can only use a UK number when signing up for Shrowze. If you are based in the UK however, we deal with all UK and international requests.

No you don’t. Shrowze is entirely text based – all you need to do is sign up, buy some Shrowze time and you’ll be given a number you can text us on.

Yes we’re real – we are not an AI! Everytime you text Shrowze, you’re talking to a real, living person!

Shrowze is pronounced like “browse” but with an “S”! “Shr-owse”!

You pay us when you’re buying “Shrowze Time” – that is, time to use our services and allow us to carry out your requested tasks. If there is anything to pay the company in order to get your goods or services, we will send you a direct link for you to pay for those goods/services or we will inform the company to contact you directly.

We’re based in the UK.

Yes. Your data is securely stored in the United Kingdom on highly secure servers. Your data is always sent in an encrypted manner.

Yes, it’s free to text us!

Absolutely! We will do our best to fulfil your every request – no matter how (seemingly) complex it may be!

Please send an email to help[at]shrowze.co.uk and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Please send an email to press[at]shrowze.co.uk. Please include in the subject the name of your newspaper or other publication.